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We’ve (Jasonobi and Alabast) been doing games of various kinds for over a decade, though it was our recent revived interest in tabletop roleplaying games that made us start this blog. That and we knew running a website is fun. Check out our former project, a World of Warcraft In Character community, at The Argent Archives.

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  • Johnathan Salazar

    I’ve been enjoying using the easy spell cards in my games, and was wondering if you were going to do any other sets? I have a player in my Pathfinder game that is playing a magus and it would be nice to have a set of spell cards for him to use. If there’s any way that I can be of assistance in creating a set of magus cards, please let me know. I can be reached at: ahkliat13@hotmail.com



    • Jasonobi

      Johnathan. These are currently in the works. We will do our best to get them out to you ASAP.

      Thanks for your support!


  • David Nickele

    hey I found you guys on google… only the third or forth page… good stuff!

    • Dustdown

      Woo! Good to see you David! 🙂


    Concerning your article on Dimitri Zaitsev / Nuclear Snail, I’m sorry to tell you I’m a little bit disgusted, how this guy gets attention on
    rpgbooster.com. As someone who worked with him before I know first hand,
    that he’s a big cheat, takes his „creativity“ from copying people,
    steeling their ideas and assert they are originally his. He’s an
    opportunist and egomaniac and in the German post-apocalyptic scene he is
    widely infamous for beeing an arrogant imposter. You give a really
    shady person a platform right here and this is really sad for others
    who’d actually deserve it. He would literally sell his friends for
    If you’d like to see some real contribution to the post
    apocalyptic community, you should check out his former group Wasteland
    Warriors (that kicked him out after he let all of them down many times
    and making false claims concerning his role in the group). They are the
    origin for „his“ post-apocalyptic „creativity“. They originally forced
    him to bring some style in his outfits, since he had the opinion that
    dirty military clothing with a Fallout „NCR“ Patch is post-apocalyptic
    enough. Check out http://wastelandwarriors.deviantart.com/ or
    http://www.facebook.com/wasteland.warriors.net to find out more about the
    artists this guy took „his“ inspiration from. Unfortunately the website
    http://wasteland-warriors.net/ was taken down by Dimitri as an act of
    revenge after he had to leave the Warriors. Currently there’s a new -and
    better- website in progress.

    • Joe Neuvième

      Dear Harborym,
      a friend brought my attention to this post and I feel like I need to straighten up some things. I’m one of the founders of Wasteland Warriors and there is no hostility or even competition between Nuclear Snail Studios and Wasteland Warriors. Also there is no current cooperation between us and therefore there is no urgent need to mention each other in interviews. Please don’t spread posts that indicate something like this and that lead to differences that had been reconciled all along. Both projects intend to have a positive influence on the post-apocalyptic community with the aim to spread the word and to keep up creativity. Please don’t sabotage this ambition. This doesn’t help the cause and there is no benefit for the community at all.
      Cheers, Joe

  • Ray

    This all looks…interesting. I shall read it. 🙂

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