All D&D ever: Now available online + free stuff!

Wizards of the Coast have made almost every D&D module and book available online. And to celebrate they are offering a few select samples for free (only for the first week though! So go there now! Don’t miss out!). We really applaud this initiative, though the site itself could have been given a better treatment. This looks like amazon in the early 2000’s, guys! Tiny previews of the covers and awkward usage of space… it doesn’t do the content offered justice. Then again; maybe nobody cares. All that matters is what’s between the virtual spines.

The available, free PDF’s are found here:


B1 – In Search of the Unknown
Module B1: “In Search of the Unknown,” forms a complete adventure for use with Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. It is especially designed as an instructional aid for beginning Dungeon Masters and players, specifically created to enable new Dungeon Masters to initiate play with a minimum of preparation. In addition to descriptive and situational material, this module also includes special informational sections giving background history and legends; listings of possible monsters and treasures, and how to place them; a list of adventuring characters; tips on various aspects of play for the Dungeon Master; and helpful advice for starting players.

D&D RPG Starter set
The 4th edition of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Roleplaying Game showcases an evolution in gameplay and puts an emphasis on fun. These quick-start rules provide an overview of the game so that you can play the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure.

H1 – Keep on the Shadowfell
“Keep on the Shadowfell” is an exciting D&D adventure designed for characters of levels 1–3. It includes three double-sided poster maps suitable for use with D&D Miniatures (not included). (For this download the maps have been converted to normal page size sections for easier printing.)

Khyber’s Harvest
This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® adventure, created for Free RPG Day 2009, is set in the EBERRON® campaign setting, although it can be adapted for any D&D® campaign. “Khyber’s Harvest™” is designed for 2nd-level characters and includes a complete adventure plus five pre-generated D&D characters.


This site looks as old as the books it's offering. Luckily in this hobby we do most of our graphics in our heads.
This site looks as old as the books it’s offering. Luckily in this hobby we do most of our graphics in our heads.
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