Another rpg webseries: ‘Roll Four: The Summer Campaign’

Should more people play DnD outside this summer? Yes!

Roll Four: The Summer Campaign continues this years tradition of semi-decent attempts at making roleplaying appear to be an activity ready to be accepted by the mainstream. Like LARPs the biggest hurdle is for the actors to sound natural when they explain the rules, but Roll Four does a good job at it. Just try to ignore them using a DnD DM screen while obviously playing Pathfinder. Wait, you know what; who cares? If the screen is cool it deserves to be used in any game.

There’s also an interesting twist on how the game world appears with text and weapons appearing as quickly as they do around the table.

The first episode get a Thumbs Up from us; now we’re excited to watch the rest.

Compared to recent Hollywood productions, anything does a good job, really. We’re looking at you, Knights of Badassdom!

Make sure to fast forward to 0:37 to avoid the long intro.
Episode 1:

Episode 2:




Roll Four: The Summer Campaign is the story of four friends on an adventure to slay some bandits and recover a stolen item, but they must settle their differences and learn to work together if they have any hope of succeeding both inside and outside their imagined world of Dungeons and Dragons.



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Armstreet costumes featured in this series:
Medieval Linen Dress “Archeress” (…)
Medieval Linen Chemise “Archeress” (…)
Medieval Flax Linen Men’s Tunic (…)
Medieval Fantasy High Boots “Forest” (…)
Brown Medieval Leather Shoes with Brass Accents (…)
Medieval Leather Ankle High Knight Shoes Boots (…)
Medieval Fantasy High Field Shoes Paladin (…)

This video uses many sounds from freesound,
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  • This was pretty good. Thanks for sharing!