Beercade: The Last Barfighter

An arcade game where the victor runs off with beer. Adding new elements to your game is always a good idea. It keeps things fresh and unpredictable. And though I wouldn’t recommend adding too much strong liquor to your tabletop games (it tends to turn violent after a few rolls), it’s the perfect addition to old and dusty arcade games.

McKinney introduces the world’s first beer-dispensing arcade game

Durham, NC (February 12, 2013) – The McKinney Ten Percent, the ad agency’s incubator that encourages all employees to devote 10% of their time to focus on new applications of creativity and technology unrelated to current client business, has found a way to breathe new life into both beer tasting and arcade gaming.

Created for Big Boss Brewing Company, Beercade is the first-ever beer-dispensing arcade game that takes the snore factor out of beer sampling. Instead of being served by a distracted bartender, wired beer rep or harried festival worker, beer lovers get to fight until the end for a sample of Big Boss’ most popular beers.

Beercade was created in-house by McKinney from the Flash-based game, The Last Barfighter, to the arcade machine itself. Players choose one of five characters representing the five year-round Big Boss brews: Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller. In what looks like a standard biker bar, the players fight in three rounds using basic fighting moves like punches and kicks, as well as signature moves like fire throwing, unicorn horn impaling and butt slaps. The best player of the three rounds wins, and a sample of beer is automatically dispensed via the Beercade taps.

Check out the Beercade here!

Original link: Engadget.

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