Boost! Final Fantasy Drinks



Every feel like your party needs a little livening up? Especially after a tough adventure when you nearly killed half them due to a rules dispute that you may have had to fudge some numbers on and pull out the “Creative-License” card on them? Here’s a solution that you can feature in your home Tavern that may just put you back on their Christmas list. Originally created by Scrollbar the official host of Friday Bar of IT University of Copenhagan for a Final Fantasy night back in 2008, they featured a whole menu of  Final Fantasy themed drinks to enhance the night with, in addition to the cosplay dress code I’m betting it made for a pretty grand adventure.

We pooled our vast knowledge of mixing and alcohols (this is Denmark, after all) to craft fifteen unique Final Fantasy-theme drinks/shooters.

The three most popular cocktails was the Waltz on the Moon, the Summoner Yuna, and the Aerith. But all our recipes were very well-received. We encourage you to give them a try – but please credit us if you do!”

And credit you we shall. Fortunately for us they posted the recipes for us to recreate on their website.  Here’s some pictures of the goods, highly recommended for use in your gaming sessions, provided you’re not an Elf.

FFdrink2 FFdrink3 FFdrink4 FFdrink5

Boost! Scrollbar has a whole channel of How-to videos on video game theme beverages here!