Booster sessions: Tales from Domarion

Yes; we do sessions here at RPG Booster. We thought it might be fun to share them with our readers. So here’s some pictures from Sundays game; a trip to a large town known as Magmarion Towers. The group had been on the road for four straight sessions with no option to sell their loot. (Not that they have much.) But a trip to a major settlement was a welcome change of pace.

Very short about our group:
We use Pathfinder as the system. Five players (two novices and three veterans). One semi-veteran DM (or GM as I prefer). The world is my own homebrew place. It’s a place I’ve worked on since I began DM’ing so I like to imagine it contains enough content to make my players amused. Here’s some pictures from our previous session.

Session 14 1 Map

Here’s my (the GM’s) view of the table. The city map is not to scale due to the city’s size. Instead we keep track of the location of each character by the general area they’re currently in.

Session 14 1 Overview

Whenever a character (or several) enters a building, I place a map for them to occupy. Though I only do this if the building has any significance to the story or if I fear there might be a battle there soon. Here’s Garreth (a wandering friar) and Kymora (a gnome merchant) visiting Garreth’s local chapel. I used Pyromancer‘s map making tool for this map. It was a small test I did as a part of a larger review I hope to write about it.


Session 14 2 Overview
Here’s an overview of our set up. A hard surface serves as the backdrop for the different maps the players might visit in the city, the city map itself, a list of locations of interest in the city and of course; lots of dice. Incidentally the hard surface is the back of our Battlemat. See a tutorial on how to make this handy little thing here.

Session 14 3 Shops

Just another view with some NPC’s waiting still left in the stores the players visited. Normally I don’t recommend drawing out stores when you deal with pawns/figurines, but since this was a major city it felt like the appropriate thing to do.

Session 14 4 pawns
Yes; we do love Paizo‘s Pathfinder pawns, but since the NPC box isn’t out yet I’ve made a few custom ones myself. Only for private use of course! And I hope to repay each artist by featuring them on this blog at some point.

Session 14 6 Magmarion Chapel Map

Here’s an overview map of the towers. It’s a rather ramshackle town.

Session 14 6 Magmarion Chapel Map (2)

Here’s the Pyromancer map I made. Definitely looks better than my black and white graph paper sketches.

Session 14 8 Final

Each player keeps their handouts and character sheets in a folder. Here’s Hinata’s druid in the foreground. In addition they keep track of several things through counters such as the white poker chips shown here. In this case they symbolize non-lethal damage.

Session 14 91 GMs view

My beloved Dungeon Master screen took a backseat this time as I didn’t hide behind it like usual. It’s great for keeping things hidden though.


Session 14 9 Final standoffThe final scene. The game ended on an unintentional cliffhanger when one of the players spell casting had an unintentional effect on the local palace guards. I only sketched up the “throne room” to give the players a sense of importance if they visited the local prince, but I didn’t expect it to see a skirmish take place within it.

Session 14 Magmarion Towers approximate image
This was the image that inspired me for the city. See more amazing artwork by Feng Zhu here.