Compensating for something? Giant d20

– “Soo… can I use my own dice for this game?”

– “Sure, as long as they’re not weighted or something fishy like that.”

– “Sweet! So where does the game start?”

– “You’re all asleep at the campfire when you’re being ambushed. Roll d20 for initat… sweet mother of Gygax what is that!?”


I can’t put this giant 20-sided dice on my wish list. It’s bigger than my room. But in a perfect world I’d be rolling this behemoth every time I had to. This thing is 10 inches across. I’m not sure that necessarily makes it the worlds biggest, but it certainly makes it bigger than anything I currently have in my collection. How would you even fit it into your dice bag?


This impressive D20 is a great addition to any geek’s collection of dice or decoration in their game room. It is made entirely of transparent acrylic (as seen in picture). Please email me your choice of color for the acrylic and the numbers on the die. Other options include transparent acrylic, translucent acrylic, opaque acrylic, or wood. – Bonnie Pang


giant dice d20 il_570xN.388186223_8n7c
She’s so happy. She was afraid her boyfriend would get her one of those tiny dice, but nooo…. he delivered.

Check out the dice for $89 at Etsy.

giant dice d20 il_570xN.388221731_1qhg

  • John Anthony Macaranas

    Greetings. I would like to make an order for this dice, and I prefer red translucent acrylic. Will need info on how to order. here’s my email Thanks!