Critical Role is finally on Youtube!

No, it’s not a LARP show, like the promotional thumbnail might suggest. This is just a simple tabletop roleplaying show from Geek&Sundry. Except all the players are voice actors. If you haven’t had a look yet; now is the time. The first video have over 50k views after just 2 days. As for shows about people playing around a table goes; that counts as going viral!

critical_role crew

So join us, grab some popcorn and finally enjoy ‘Critical Role‘ in a format that do it justice. The previous G&S player the show was presented through was awful and nearly impossible to watch. It’s a testament to the quality of the show that they’ve become as popular as they have. We’re super excited to see what the fuzz is all about.



Don’t confuse this with Wil Wheaton’s new show ‘Titansgrave‘, which we’re also excited to watch! See the first episode below.