Custom Weapon Creation System: BoostPoints!


Easily create balanced custom weapons for your tabletop RPG using this simple points-based system. Designed to work with Pathfinder and DnD 3.5 this points system aims to allow your players the creativity to craft weapons of their own design and take pride in creating work unique to their character without unbalancing the game in respect to the core weapons list. I give you RPG Booster’s BoostPoints! system for balanced, custom weapon creation:


Download the original PDF!

Download version 2 here!

We here at RPG Booster decided to create this system after encountering several instances where our resident crafter, self-made “mad scientist/inventor” attempted to make several
“new” weapons to be implemented by other members of the party. Some were a mild upgrade of a core weapon, others were outlandish and unusable, but most were mechanical monstrosities with benefits so out-of-that-world they required lengthly and complicated penalties in a vain attempt to balance them and eventually had to be destroyed. The result was the mad scientist crafted a system for creating balanced weapons in order to protect his future creations from getting the axe, and now we’re presenting that system to you!

Let’s call it a voluntary Beta Test. Feel free to offer advice on how to improve the system in the comments section below and we’ll take it into consideration. Do keep in mind the system is aimed at being simple, quick and balanced. We’re not trying to make complicated algorithms for people to calculate, just an easy guide system that points you in the right direction.

*A note on ranged weapons. I would like to further give reason to the exclusion of ranged weapons in this system. Modifying ranged weapons is a complicated procedure that risks unbalancing the technological status of the in-game world. The variance of stats in the ranged weapons section of the core material, provides no simple system for ranged weapons creation.

There are however, a variety of suggestions for renaissance, modern, and futuristic ranged weapons in the core material that provide approved stats for weapons of range following the natural progression of time. There are also specific classes that are built around making use of these weapons. It is my recommendation that these be referenced before attempting to created modified ranged weaponry and that all such weapons be subject to GM approval before implementing them.

As a added bonus, here’s a point-buy system for custom weapon creation for DnD 4e. (Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition) by upho, with original concept credits going to Lawolf.