Detailed floor plans of Neuschwanstein Castle and more!


These maps by Randwulf are pretty detailed. His site have even more of them. Including supposedly the Hogwarts Campus from Harry Potter, but you have to email him to get them. I didn’t dare. Who knows what he might send me… Click Collections to see more than the initial ones, though only the first two collections have medieval style castles and mansions in them. Collection 4 is a trick! Don’t click it! The maps are pretty detailed. If anything they serve as a great start for your own maps. Remember; this castle isn’t technically ‘medieval’ since it was built in the late 1800’s, but hey; your players won’t notice that as they explore it.

Seven weeks after the death of King Ludwig II in 1886, Neuschwanstein was opened to the public. The shy king had built the castle in order to withdraw from public life – now vast numbers of people came to view his private refuge.

Today Neuschwanstein is one of the most popular of all the palaces and castles in Europe. Every year 1.3 million people visit “the castle of the fairy-tale king”. In the summer around 6,000 visitors a day stream through rooms that were intended for a single inhabitant.

Learn more about the castle here. Maybe go visit some time?

Oh, and I’d recommend reading about the mapmaker for extra interest. I can’t find any sources online to back up his claims about being a musical child prodigy, but I’d love to hear his full story. Here’s an excerpt from his biography:

At age 18, he was presented a Presidential Award for Academic Achievement, signed by the president of the United States, and remains the only student in the history of his high school ever to be featured alone on the cover of the senior yearbook.

A Presidental Award? That sounds pretty epic to me for doing homework! Or is that something that everyone gets if they get something better than a B- in the United States of America? I’d recommend reading the full bio. I might make a campaign around this man for inspiring me. I hope he’ll continue to make maps though. They are awesome!

Again, let me emphasize how many cool maps there are on his site. Several mansions, the Black Pearl, etc etc. Unfortunately his site only has the domain name. You can’t link to anything individually. So get over there and explore! I’ve included the second (out of 6!) floor plan of one of the mansions below as a sample.

Photography: Ricardo Pineda.

Map by: Randwulf


castle 2 plan

  • Mike Page

    You have to remember though that Neu Schwannstein is little more than a glorified folly; it was built late as castles go and was only ever intended for show and never for defence. If you want a real badassery German castle, look at Hohentwiel for example ( Built on the magma chamber of an ancient volcano and only ever taken once in all its history. Or Burg Hohenwerfen near Salzburg ( Both being used in campaigns at the moment. The Welsh castles are still my favourites though.

    • Dustdown

      Good point! 🙂 Burg Hohenwerfen is the next castle on my list to dig up maps for, actually. It looks badass! But it was Neu Schwannstein’s iconic look that inspired us to post about maps in the first place. It looks like the place of a forgetful wizard or a pompous fairytale king. We hope to feature castles for all sorts of campaigns in the future. – Alabast

      • Mike Page

        Pompous fairytale king sums it up nicely. Ludwig II is still much discussed here in Bavaria (although I’m originally from the UK, I now live in Upper Bavaria, about 45 min from Neuschwannstein). Ludwig II died under very suspicious circumstances in the nearby Lake Starnberg after having bankrupted Bavaria to build his castles. Of course, they’ve paid for themselves several times over in the intervening years, but that’s beside the point. In contrast to the rest of Germany, Bavaria still has a strong royalist movement and one of the princes lives in his own castle brewery above the village I live in.

        • Dustdown

          A castle brewery? What’s the name of it? That sounds supercool. 🙂

  • Justin Robson

    thats dope how old is it