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Try out our Easy Spell Cards for the Pathfinder RPG!  We are still finalizing the overall design (Color, Visual Icons, Page elements etc.) to make sure these spell cards are new player friendly while remaining useful for the more advanced of us around the table. Emphasis is being placed on visual styling and readability! Vote in Comments for what class/lvl we should do next!



Druid Easy Spell Cards

Download Druid Easy Spell Cards 0-2 here! (Updated March 24)


Wizard/Sorcerer Easy Spell Cards

Download Sorcerer Easy Spell Cards 0-1 here!

Download Wizard Easy Spell Cards 0-1 here!



Cleric Easy Spell Cards

Download Cleric Easy Spell Cards 0-2 here! (Updated March 31)
Thanks to David Toye!







Ranger Easy Spell Cards

Download Easy Spell Cards: Ranger Level 1- 2 here!




BOOST POINTS! (Pathfinder and D&D 3.5)

Download the latest version here.


Download BoostPoints! A simple system for creating custom weapons in your Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition roleplaying games. BoostPoints! uses a simple points system for assigning damage dice, critical ranges, and weapon special abilities to weapons of your own creation, while providing a guideline for keeping those weapons in balance with weapons of their category as provided by the core rulebooks.

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  • Sorcerer and Wizard are not the same spell list? When i had time i translate them to spanish!!
    I think that the next class must be Summoner, witch and bard, there are very attractive classes!!
    Thanks for your work!!

    • Dustdown

      Hi Paco!
      Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Your email must have been lost in our system, but I found it after searching. When we have all the cards done, we should get back to you and discuss a translation. Is Pathinder popular amongst the spanish speaking population? I think the cleric illustration was done by a very talented european artist (spanish or italian). And thanks for your vote! We’re doing the core classes first, so we’re one step closer to doing the Bard. 🙂 – Alabast

      • Alexandre Nizoux

        Hey there.
        I second the request for blank files as I’d love to use the template for French translations as well. Why don’t you provide the file and let people give you their translated versions back so you can provide them for other users here?

  • Hi i send a mail for a translate your cards to spanish and you don’t answer me…

  • Amanda Tryon

    This is great! I would like to see more spells levels completed starting with Cleric. I would love to help any way I can. Please let me know what I can do. Not sure what program you designed these with, but I have access to the Office suite, so if I can help start level 3 spells please let me know.

  • Neros

    Been looking for something like this, and I must admit that I really like your design of the cards compared to some of the other spell cards I’ve looked at. But after looking at some of the spells, the first thing I noticed is that the spell’s school is missing. Why have you chosen to leave out this info, since its rather important for a wizard with his specialization and spell focusing (there might be feedback coming, but I’ll save that for a mail).

    But if you want help with creating these cards, I wouldn’t mind giving a hand, that is, if it is photoshop you are using. I have been using photoshop for image editing, character sheet creation, mapping and what not, for like 7 or so years now.

    • Hi Neros! Glad you like the cards! We really can’t wait to get the next ones out the door, and finalize the design.

      The spell cards are intended for beginners, so we’ve left out the schools for now. The intent with the card is for new people to not me intimidated by the amount of info on the cards and we felt that adding the schools was a step excessive. So we’ve left it out for now. BUT; we have a system in mind for how to add it without cluttering the card further. Stay tuned. 😉

      We use Photoshop, but only for the card background. Everything else is done in InDesign in order to keep things organized. Thanks for the offer though!! If we need Photoshop help we’ll be in touch. Please keep more feedback coming and do let us know if you test the cards in your game! 🙂

  • Julius Besser

    Voting for Level 2 Wizard/Sorceror cards next

  • Robert Bailey

    Do you have blank template cards? I used access databases for my spells. I have Most if not all spell information for the core books. I could help.

  • Pedro José Gil

    Nice, would love a bit more expanded description, but nice work anyway.

    Btw, there is a bug with cleric magic weapon, it says protection from good in its title.

  • ryan jensen

    These are great, about to get third level cleric spells, hoping they come along soon so I can continue the set!

  • Will Booth

    Hey y’all. These look super awesome. I just started DMing a pathfinder game with lots of new players and the cleric and wizard definitely seem to not get how spells work very well. Giving them cards to hold as spells per day sounds perfect!

    I am curious how you go about making these. I’d love to help make new ones if possible. Do you use Latex? Or if you happen to just have an application or template for making these that would be great. I’d be all for typing up new higher level spells for you. Thanks.

  • Quijenoth Starkiller

    These are great – so much better than those info crammed spell cards I’ve seen before.
    It would be awesome to have some full colour versions too.
    I would love to get a copy of the templates and icons to help fill out this set. I’m in particular need of spells for classes from the advanced players guide and would love to donate them to you once completed.
    keep up the great work with these – theres a lot of interest and it would be a shame if these did not continue.

  • What has happened to these? Are you still working on them? Are there blank templates available for others to continue the work?

    • Joakim Necat Lund

      What he said. I would like to offer my help in finishing Wizard and Cleric. Also what font is that?

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  • Garth Shepard

    needs to be completed, or atleast up a couple levels for a couple classes

  • Paul Kingtiger

    Thank you for fantastic cards!
    I’d like to place a vote for L3 Cleric spells, and also offer my help.

    • Vote taken in! Thanks Paul! Might be we get in touch about help too!

  • Joey Vieira

    So…. any of these for Bards? 😀

  • Mark Larson

    I really like the ease of use with these and how they are not overfilled with the complete description. I am willing to help. Send me the template and I’ll start with the cleric spells. My current character will need 3rd level spells in about two months. Let’s get these done.

  • Rafał

    Hi guys, this is an awesome idea, definitely worth following.Maybe there is a way to put a subpage with template and make it available for others to create some cards from original source.
    Step by step you could get whole collection in no time!


  • Jacopo Primicerio

    Great work!!
    I also vote for more cleric levels, I can also contribute with an italian translation!

  • Stacey

    These are awesome. Running a campaign with some newcomers and this will be a huge help. One thing I could suggest is include alignment in the descriptors, that way it’s easy to weed out evil vs good, etc. Like many others I’d love to see Cleric, but I’d also like to see Druid and Ranger.

    I’d also love to see the format template for ease of customization, but it’s understandable if you don’t, to avoid stealing.

  • Kyle Paul

    Yes, please let me know where to find a template so we can crank these out and get it up to date.

  • Batman

    Hm, I’d like to donate, but I have little use for them if I can’t get all levels of every class. And seeing as there have been no replies to the numerous inquiries, I guess I’ll assume the worst

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