Inkarnate; the ultimate RPG tool

We saw this a while ago, but forgot to put it up. But no more: I present to you: Inkarnate; The RPG Toolset for your every need! It will run on just about any system and allow you to run your tabletop games faster than ever. Well.. if they can get past their failed Kickstarter. Guys; this is a really, really cool product and everyone here at RPG Booster wants it to succeed! We love the look of the map maker especially much. We were hoping to offer a similar thing here at RPG booster using gimp files, but having it as an app would be superb!

The InKarnate RPG Toolset is a web application currently in development that will make running tabletop RPG games faster, easier, and more fun. It will allow you to create characters, make maps, write adventures, build and run epic campaigns, and more. Sign up for our upcoming beta, and stay up to date on our progress.

– InKarnate


Check out InKarnate here.

Thanks to Carl for the tip. (He’s the maker of this awesome game table!)
Oh and thanks to Enworld for the pic below.


inkarnate-screenshot courtesy of enworld