Free maps: RPG Map share

This great initiative called RPG Map share seems pretty dead now, so get over there and download the over 1000’s of maps available! There’s both fantasy medieval, Sci Fi and modern maps available. And most of them are highly detailed.

rpg map share Drowned Sorrows Tavern

Drowned sorrows tavern
Dingy old pubs becoming boring? How about a bar where you can throw your opponents to the sharks! Or make them walk the plank. Or let them just smell the fresh sea breeze…

rpg map share ruinedkeep-1

Ruined Keep
Great for a first level exploration. Nothing gets a new group together like a beautiful map ripe with things to find. Don’t forget to click around and find the other map levels of the keep.

rpg map share Alley Oops Interior-1-Lrg_bg

Sinister Alley
Have a thief in the party? Let him have a blast exploring this sinister city block.

rpg map share Mortuary Battlemap

Vaults of Daunt
These maps could also double as a wizards mansion. Reminds me of the good old Baldur’s gate maps where every blanket felt like it was placed there for a reason.

RPG map share Tower Construction _Interior_

Tower under construction
Multi level maps are always great. This map could work as a stand alone or added to another.

rpg maps Wentworth Inn_bg

Wentworth’s Inn
For when you need a giant Inn that the PC’s can wreck, loot or just get wasted in, but don’t want to spend the night drawing it.

Did we mention they have Sci Fi maps too? This bunker prison level is pretty sweet.

rpg Bunker Gamma Prison

  • libra113

    I’m always on the look out for all sorts of modern maps I can use for my online “Mutants & Masterminds” game if anyone knows of any. I’m trying to learn how to make my own maps with tiles but it’s trickier than I originally thought. 🙂