Free One Page RPGs: The Quick and Easy

Here’s a collection of quick and easy RPGs for you to play without a huge setup time. These are basically a collection of games for the following types of people: New players who haven’t been exposed to table-top roleplaying before and want something light to start their first in-character experience; or for the DM who’s tired of power-gamers sitting around their table stat-maxing while ignoring all the hard effort they put into bringing the campaign to life.

I suppose people like myself, the amateur DM who aren’t so good at reading the rules and love to improvise also have a place here, as it’s the whole reason I was attracted to this list.

So here it is, all you need to play 8 different RPGs with your friends, POW!

Lasers and FeelingsLasers&Feelings

Scrolls and SwordsScrolls&Swords


Doctor MagnethandsDoctorMagnethandsDoctorMagnethands2

Everyone is JohnEveryoneIsJohnEveryoneIsJohn2

Tempora MutanturTemporaMutantur

World of DungeonsWorldOfDungeons1WorldOfDungeons2WorldOfDungeons3

Big Mutherfuckin’ Crab TruckersBigMofoCrabTruckers


Thanks to Mechanical_Owl for sharing this compilation with the rest of us.