Game Store Dungeon: We made a map!

So half of the RPGBooster team have been busy discovering the many fun things about his new local game store: Games of Berkeley.

Upon his first.. and second.. and third… walk down into their downstairs playroom he decided that the place was still confusing. So he.. I.. eh.. we.. made a map for the store. Now there’ll be no confusion as to what room to go to for which event.

The store runs tons of games weekly, including Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, Star Wars X-Wing and many others. If you’re looking for a very dungeon-like place to do your roleplaying sessions; get in touch with them and ask if the room is available.

Want to play in one of Alabasts roleplaying sessions? Continue the saga of Domarion? Sign up with us now at rpgbooster at gmail dot com. New players very welcome! No experience necessary.

RPF Map dungeon
Games of Berkeley map

Alabast is also running other game events at the store, like Game of Thrones evenings.
Check out the latest event here:

Game of Thrones evening at the Freehouse
Game of Thrones evening at the Freehouse

Want to see what the dungeonesque rooms are like inside?

Here’s a link to the store where you can have a peek.