Inkarnate RPG Tool: Map Beta test

Listen up mapmakers! We just got access to the beta of the Inkarnate RPG tool and it is already pretty awesome! You can easily create beautiful medieval looking maps with mountains, shores, forests and icy mountains.

Here’s a map that took me 5 minutes to make. Not pretty, but better than a pencil sketch. (You can sign up for potential access to the beta here.)

Inkarnate Map Test



And anyone can do this. It requires next to no skill to make the elements fit the right way. Everything flows beautifully together. Though there’s still a way to go, this is an awesome start. Maybe one day we’ll have something as awesome as the map editors of Heroes of Might and Magic on our hands.

With a bit more time (20 minutes) you’re able to add some more depth and detail to your maps:

Inkarnate Map Example Test by RPGBooster

Room for improvement

Our main concerns at the moment were the glaring shortcomings, such as:
– No auto-save! If you don’t remember to save vigorously, you’ll lose it all.
– Switching between different terrain brushes is a bit cumbersome. I really have to click that tiny X every time? Why not just return to the map once I’ve chosen a brush?

If we were to put together a wish list for additional features, it would be additional icons like towns, bigger ruins and other icons that signifies ‘points of interest.’

It would also be great to see icons for forests, the same way that mountains are added as separate icons. Trees would bring some variation to the maps that could feel flat if you don’t add enough colour variation to them.

Inkarnate Beta Objects


See it in action!

See an alpha of the map editor in action here:


This is an alpha of the other parts of the Inkarnate tool. Pretty cool!



If you’d like to try the beta; sign up today at



In comparison; Here’s a map I made myself in Photoshop. It took me at least 3 hours.

Map South-East-Domarion