Inspiration: Amazing Demon Souls Cosplay


If you thought the game was intimidating, and it is, you need to see this Garl Vinland Cosplay work of art that is this piece of armour. I advise taking inspiration for some of your more awe inspiring villains/characters to be taken from the whole Demon Souls/Dark souls saga. They tend to have a certain “presence” about them.

Daniel who goes by Corroder666 and can be found online at Deviant Art here, has quite a wardrobe of excellent game-inspired cosplay outfits that are sure to convince you these sort of things may really exist. I highly recommend taking a look at his work which not only includes cosplay costumes but a surprising set of crafted “props” which really do look good.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll find on his Deviant Art and a few more pics of that spectacular Garl Vinland armour:corroder666 corroder6662corroder6664 corroder6665

  • Artorias le Marche-Abysse

    Oh my god, very nice Garl Vinland cosplay :O²