Master Crafting: Awesome LARP gear by Astanael

Larp Armor v3 – Astanael

Here’s an awesome set of gear featuring some impressive leather-working and general crafting by Astanael. With a variety of different items created to be used in different LARP events, there’s enough inspiration laying around this gallery to keep you plotting and planning your own creations, whether real or fantasy, for quite some time.

Mask of the Scorched v2 – Astanael

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be jealous of the amount of skill Astanael possesses when it comes to crafting custom items for personal use. My favorite thing is you can see the progression of items over time, it’s like looking at medieval Ironman with all the different versions of leather LARP armour laying around. You can truly appreciate the amount of work that’s gone into some of these pieces.

I love that the equipment and accessories aren’t restricted to one theme as you so often see in some of these more talented crafters, but there’s some flexibility in the scope of interest present here. Items from guns, to goggles, face masks, and hats are mixed with armour and tomes mixing a variety of setting from medieval fantasy to post-apocalyptic future.

Utility Belt – Astanael
Arkham Horror card holder – Astanael
Loupiottes – Astanael


I don’t know about you, but after seeing these things it makes me want to try my own hand at making something myself. I’ll just feel bad for all the cows that have to die for my “prototypes…”