PF Boost Project: Spellcards: Druid 0-2

Good news! While I was gone, Jasonobi was hard at work putting together the Druid spells for our Easy Spell Cards project. He even put in a few notes on spell resistance etc for good measure. This feature will change in the final version though! But for now: Print these for your druids and let them unleash the power of the wild on their enemies! I know the druid of our group will. And if you see any errors or have comments/ideas/etc: Comment below or send us an email! Yes, you can send your vote for what we should do next.

Additional huge thanks to the volunteers for helping us compile spell lists!
Next up is Cleric lvl 0-1 thanks to David Toye. And once we’ve covered the core rulebook, Elandril is working on the Alchemist abilities. If you’d like to help; just send us a note!


Download Druid Easy Spell Cards 0-2 here! (Updated March 24 for better printing results!)

Download Sorcerer Easy Spell Cards 0-1 here! 

Download Wizard Easy Spell Cards 0-1 here!

A summary of this project:

– these cards are meant as quick references for beginners. Pro’s should use Perram’s, unless they want something that’s quicker to reference.
– the cards are in sketch mode and not their finished look
– made to be as light as possible on the printer
– we’ve been told we can’t include page references on our spell cards. So we just mention where the spell is from and leave some room for individual players to write the page number on each card. This also encourages players to do more research.
– future versions will feature a few additional things, such as spell school and saving throws.
– The cards are designed to fit in Magic the Gathering sleeves. In case you’d like to see them live longer.

Also; We borrowed Artsangel’s, aka Sarah Ellertonillustration for todays update.

Sarah Ellerton is an Illustrator, Comic Artist, Programmer and Systems Engineer currently based in Sydney, Australia. She began drawing in 1998, and slowly expanded from simple character fanart to creating her own fully-fledged characters and stories in which to reveal them. If you haven’t seen her work or comics before; go have a look now!

dragon_age_2___merril_by_artsangel-d39civq elven druid

Easy Pathfinder Spell Cards Lvl 0-2 example
An example of some of the cards. Print and cut and ready to use! Let us know what you think! (These are still in sketch format, bear in mind!)
  • Eleazar Morelli

    I love that they’re ink-printer friendly, Magic cards sized and have a very clean and simple design.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Jasonobi

      Thank you! We will do our best to get more classes out soon. Keep an eye out!

  • Johnathan

    Love these cards! Do you have any plans on creating higher level spell cards? Perram’s cards are excellent, but I really like the simplicity of these cards.

    • Jasonobi

      We are currently testing the design of the cards in practice and working on finalizing the elements that will be present on each page. Because we are in the testing phase we are producing low level cards for people to use and critique. Once we have the final design down and have sorted out a few details, we will then look into producing higher level cards for everyone!