Print your own 3D creatures with 123D Creature

Though we use mostly pawns here at RPG Booster, we do love good miniatures. And as soon as the dawn of affordable 3D printers are upon us we expect to be very busy. Here’s a preview of what is to come, or; what is happening RIGHT NOW!

123D IMG_0653

123D Creature is a creative design App for iPad that lets you build, sculpt, paint and 3D print amazing original 3D characters. Though it will still require an artistic eye, this is potentially another nail in the coffin for miniature makers. I do believe it is also the dawn of more opportunity for us as Game Masters to put more of our own creativity into our games. Why stick to boring beholders when you can launch your own creatures upon unprepared players?

123d IMG_0634

Watch the demo here and read more here.
Download the program for your iPad here.
Now where’s the Android version?!

Originally seen at Boing Boing.

Here’s a few of the creatures made by the 123D community. Not everything is gold, but we sifted through and found some decent models. See below!

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