Rubber molds: Build your own dungeon, brick by brick

These ‘build it yourself’ modules from Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture makes me think of my first days of exploring dungeons in Hero Quest. Looking for treasure and fighting monsters takes on a whole new level of excitement when you can see the rat holes and left over bones in the dungeon your character is in.

Sure, there’s a bit of work when you have to put brick upon brick… but Bruce Hirst makes the most detailed ‘How-To’s on this side of the internet. Just wish the images were of higher quality. Site’s looking a little dated, Bruce! But who cares when the models look sooo good!

I combined the images to show how easy it is. The molds last for ages and you can create anything you want really.


Here’s a few examples. As you see some are made brick by brick, others are molded from larger modules and put together. Kinda like Lego vs Playmobil.

Here’s some of the brick by brick. Everything you see is painted bricks glued together.

hirst tur051 hirst build014

Once you start adding figurines and more advanced items to them, they look instantly better.
hirst ornemark1hirst goth283
I personally prefer the modular stuff, but it’s all about how much work you put into it all, right?

Hirst water dungeon cave153

hirst cave143

hirst descent134