Sisters in Arms: LARP Leather Armors

Gueuse is a leather artisan from Quebec that specializes in making female armors (and other cool things). More specifically her ‘Sisters in Arms’, or Les Soeurs d’armes, for which she designs a custom, unique armor. She doesn’t want to call her site a store; as it’s just a hobby for her and she will never mass produce anything.

I decided to specialize in women’s armor to meet the demand and because I like challenges … I have often heard that female armor was not well suited to follow the contours of the female body. So I try as best I can to make pieces that showcase the women who wear them while still keeping them protected … Because girls don’t just want to be well protected … We want to be pretty too! – (Loosely translated by me)

Gueuse began designing armors after her son asked if she could make something. She found she loved working with her hands and turned it into a hobby. We’re glad she did; what a talent! Below we’ve selected some of her best productions.

Though be sure to check out her Etsy store.
And her home page.

Her favourite LARP is the incredible looking Duche de Bicolline, which makes us wish we spoke better French. Have a look at their site.

First seen at her amazing galleries at: Deviantart 533338_592945924051811_342165326_n LARP girl elven armor leather 0_0_0_0_517_791_csupload_56486300   LARP leather armor0_0_0_0_517_776_csupload_45623438 LARP Leather armor 0_0_0_0_517_776_csupload_45623586

LARP steampunk_leather_mask_by_lagueuse-d5tfi72
Gueuse’s masks are all incredibly detailed. Each with its own little twist.


LARP coolest belt accessory leather 0_0_0_0_515_352_csupload_47712631
This is also true for all her other works. Such as this belt.
LARP Leather accessory 0_0_0_0_517_421_csupload_40630007
Or this integrated compass.


LARP the perfect accessory for an alchemist il_570xN.419127024_2oyk
Excellent gear for an Alchymist


Leather armor barbarian LARP 0_0_0_0_517_642_csupload_39172716
Bear claws! A true barbarian armor!