Space Roller: Futuristic Dice for SciFi games

Ok, ok.. we’re sorry, but we need to point out another Kickstarter! These dice are just too sweet to.. uh.. roll by? My ESL is getting the better of me. Anyhow; check out these sweet, futuristic styled dice from Taiwan. The Kickstarter was funded on the first day. No wonder; these would go perfect with any cyberpunk or futuristic tech roleplaying game.

Get yours on Kickstarter now!

Futuristic Dice - Space Roller Glow in the Dark DieFuturistic Dice - Space Roller Glow in the Dark Die Kickstarter


Space Roller Dice SciFi Android Netrunner

Space Roller is a standard 16 mm dice with chamfer corner which gives Space Roller a bit more momentum when you roll it. Space Roller is made by injected glowing resin with different colors of finishes to obtain the futuristic and cyber feeling. All the sizes of carving lines and points are precisely tested out with many versions to present in 2 dimensions as a graph and 3 dimensions as an object. – Space Roller