Tales of Domarion: Session 15

Our previous posts were quite popular, so we’re posting our latest session for you to have a look at. If you have any questions; try to use the comment section below. We love emails (and sorry for not getting back to you as fast as we’d like!), but comments are better. ūüôā

The ‘fellowship’
As last time the group consists of Jasonobi aka Sigh (of this blog and a human eh… bard), Desirae aka Hinata (a wandering druid), Shauna aka Amelphia (an elven sorceress), James aka Garreth (a monk) and Jennifer as the gnomish merchant nobody remembers the name of. (Recurring inside joke.) In addition we had a first timer with us; Danny. Since he’s a talented musician in real life it only felt right to make him a bard.

This session saw the results of Jasonobi’s capture. The group woke up in prison cells and had to figure out a way to get out. A friendly insider informed them of a portal out of the castle they were being held in and they worked their way here.

Three members of the group studies the jail their characters are kept in.
Three members of the group studies the map of the jail. The red drawing shows the cells some of the characters were kept in. I love having paper around to help visualize the world a bit more. Since English is my second language I never know when I will come up short in my descriptions.

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15 1a escape
The group have managed to escape the cages. Jennifer and Shauna through the exceptionally smart use of a jar of leftover tomato sauce. In the background Jasonobi is investigating a secret passageway, while Jennifer talks to an elf kept in a secret jail cell. Danny is happy to have found his equipment in the nearby chests. I used doubled Large pawn bases to represent the characters hanging in their cages. Beneath them were magic portals that would draw them into another secure holding cell should they be careless when they got out of the cages.

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15 2 Note
Jasonobi reads a note smuggled to the group. It speaks of a way out. I always try to give my players at least ONE handout per session.


Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15 4
The players rummage around in the tower for a bit before re-reading the previous note and realizing the easiest way out might be through the magical disposal chutes in the tower. Notice Danny going through the private belongings of someone in the room to the right.

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15  Session 5
After escaping into the garbage chutes the players find themselves in the excess energy and garbage room of the wizard’s tower. Different portals exhausts semi-random bursts of magical energies into the room and the players do their best to reach the exit portals at the end of the room. Hinata’s having an easy time here as she’s still in her snake form from escaping the cage earlier. Garreth, however, finds himself carrying a terrified elf across the room. In this room I used a preplanned and slightly¬†randomized¬†table to know when the portals would gush out different magic. I represented the magic using printed paper of the¬†appropriate¬†element that I cut into a fitting shape.

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15  potions 2Rummaging through the garbage piles in the room they find various magic potions. Turns out the heroes have no qualms about drinking these things. If only they understood the magic symbols written on each. (Turns out they did. Within an hour the guys had deciphered the alphabet.)

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15  PotionsThe bottles used in the encounter. Thanks to Shauna and Desirae for mixing them beforehand. Thanks to me for secretly mixing the one containing soy sauce. I know… I’m such a kid.


Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15 8 Treasure plus room

A sideways view of the room they enter after the garbage room. A large hall containing a giant magic piece of rock submerged in water. It didn’t take long before the alarm was sounded and a major battle took place. The good news; The elves of the party were suddenly able to channel major amounts of energy due to the nature of the hall. This meant they could cast spells several levels higher than their normal ones and they regained spell slots on a very frequent basis. It didn’t take long before the hall was filled with lightning storms and fireballs. I saw at least to characters flying, even though I don’t allow this spell in my homebrew world.

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15  6a battle on
ames, however, being a human monk had to resort to his non-magical fists. Here he’s trying to help Shauna’s character, Amelphia, against the arriving enemy acolytes.

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15 6b earth golem

Amelphia’s not too bad on her own, however, and single-handedly defeats a summoned earth elemental. Since this was a condition for one of her prophecies come true she reaped the rewards afterwards. In a previous session the players had the option to draw random predictions about their character. If they fulfilled the prophecies (eg; believe in it and make it happen) they get to reveal the result. In Amelphia’s’s case the result was a giant jewel found within the creature. Though it might as well have been bad news.

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15  6c best rollOne of the best rolls of the night. Good work James! Maybe it was the epic music playlist we put together before the session that brought the good rolls. In case you’d like to listen, here it is at Grooveshark. Just remember that the songs that might feel a little out of place are most likely the Character Theme Songs.

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15 8 Overview

Session 15 Domarion RPG Session15 7
The game had a rather drawn out climax; after the major battle in the portal room they managed to activate the portals, but they chose one that would take them to the lord of the castle instead of escaping outside. The portal took them to a lush Here they confronted the antagonist who turned out to be a close¬†adviser¬†of the lord. Now they’ve been given a mission by the lord himself that will send them hunting one of the antagonists henchmen; the Huntsman.

Next time we hope to try out our spell cards in the game. Don’t forget to check out our easy spell reference card idea and leave your comments!