The Most Cliche Map Ever Made

Redditor and mapmaker Sarithus made this incredibly cliche map of his imaginary fantasy world. Stuffed with locations like ‘Vikingheim’ and ‘Azgard’, this map of ‘Clichea’ is a reminder of how “unique” fantasy worlds tend to be. We know we’re guilty of making several of these in our own homebrew campaign. (Allhalla, anyone?)

Sarithus is available for commission on his home page in case you can’t make your own.

Click the map for a larger version.

Cliche Fantasy Map Overused names funny

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Beautiful fantasy kingdom map by Sarithus



  • bedfordthegreat

    Actually, if I ever DM again, I might just use Clichea. Seems fun to explore.

  • Jim Weaver

    An okay map from a far-from-okay (mentally) artist. This guy Sarithus
    is about the most entitled, confrontational, angry, and bitchiest person
    on the interwebs. Asks for criticism on his maps, but then can’t
    accept the criticism and insults the people that gave it. Head-case.