The Ultimate Gaming Table: The Sultan

You know what I DIDN’T get for Christmas? This incredible gaming table; the Sultan from Geek Chic. It comes with everything that an awesome piece of furniture should come with. Awesome gaming furniture that is! Perfect for any tabletop roleplaying game.

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Secret drawers!

The table offers a dropped surface called the Game Vault, where games and maps are kept safe, flat, and spill-resistant. Then there are the player stations; each include a flip-down desk, a rail system, and secret drawers. Secret drawers!!! A GM’s station is larger and more involved, and includes extra storage.

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Cup holders!

Six affixed cup holders are included in a Sultan. This type of cup holder is attached like a drawer onto the table– it’s built-in, although of course the aluminum tin is removable for washing. Built in dice randomizers can be added onto any side of the Sultan– either in between player stations or (for those tables with a GM’s station) in lieu of the GM’s storage shelf.


The Sultan is a dedicated gaming table.

More specifically, to all of you saying, “I can’t imagine that in my kitchen”— you’re right. You wouldn’t park a Bentley in the kitchen. This is by no means the sort of table you’d want for everyday dining… …. Let the Sultan do what it does best: be the grand centerpiece for your gaming lifestyle.

The Sultan includes choice of wood (walnut, maple, or cherry), clear finish, 34 3/4″ overall height, choice of configuration, 6-10 player stations, drawers, a special 3 7/8” game vault depth, white vault floor, acrylic layer, and a suction cup (to lift the acrylic layer). – Geek Chic

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The Sultan can be yours for somewhere between 12k and 16k USD. Check it out here.

See more of Geek Chic’s incredible tables here.

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  • rawlewdindecent

    I got one two years prior…. : )
    -Jayde Onyx Lei

    • Dustdown

      You’re way ahead of us! Do we get an invite when we’re in Vegas next? – Ala

      • OF COURSE! Fellow gamers are always welcome! Email when you’re in the magical city of sin!

        • Dustdown

          Deal! I’ll start saving up gold for my Staff of Teleportation.

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  • Alex Harman

    Question: is it solid wood, or wood veneer over particle board? For $12 -16k, it ought to be the former.