The Ultimate RPG Playlist on Grooveshark

We’ve covered some great soundtracks and ambient music tools before, but we need to bring light to the Ultimate RPG list. Hosted on Grooveshark, an amazing music tool, it contains tunes and themes for any occasion during your games. It is mainly without lyrics and avoids overused themes like Harry Potter, Star Wars and LotR. That way the music blends perfectly with your game and feels true to it. The lists are still a work in progress and the creator, Liz, is always looking for volunteers.

And remember; if you log in to Grooveshark you can save your own lists as well. I use it for all my games as it allows me to loop, randomize and play tunes as I see fit.

Check out the Ultimate RPG Playlist here.
See what Liz, a sound engineer, does for a living here: Bombadeer studios.

Tavern Mood
Ever stopped by a tavern in World of Warcraft? The. Same. Music. Playing. Every. Time. Not with this playlist! Every tavern can now have its own tune. Or many!

Escape/Chase tunes
Get your players hearts pumping with this selection of high intensity sound selection. You’ll feel like you’re in an episode of “24” every time.

Stealth in the Night
For the wannabe assassins and the pro stalkers.

Far East – Combat
If you have a monk in your party he’ll love you for this playlist. Massive drums and eastern strings come together for the ultimate battle music.

Tribal Mood
Perfect for when you’re meeting those cannibal tribes. Are all tribes cannibalistic? Of course not; just the ones you meet in tabletop role playing games.

Though there’s more. Be sure to check out all the playlists at the ULTIMATE RPG playlist.

And as a bonus: The creator has even made a soundtrack fro the Pathfinder campaign “We be goblins!”. Both one for when the goblins are calm, and when they “fite”!

We be Goblins – Calm

We be Goblins! – Fite!

  • Eleazar Morelli

    This is an instant Bookmark.

    Never go to an adventure without nice music!

    • Too true, Eleazar, too true! 🙂

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  • Liz

    The links just lead to concerts and stuff… am I looking in the wrong place?